HC21 SOLUTIONS provides tools that enable clients to better understand and manage health care costs through data integration and analysis, risk identification, effective health risk coaching tools and a management mentoring program.
HealthCare 21 SOLUTIONS is an organization committed to improving the quality and affordability of healthcare. We provide high quality, customized products and services focused on maximizing the value of the dollar spent on health care and health care benefits; resulting in knowledgeable business leaders, engaged consumers, and highly productive employees.

Data driven initiatives are key to ensuring that healthcare dollars are spent effectively, which bends the cost curve by increasing the health and productivity of the workforce. Understanding the insured population’s risks and the impact risks have on healthcare costs and productivity is key to developing a sound strategy for total population management.

HC21 SOLUTIONS excels in:

  • Healthcare data management
  • Analytics
  • Developing health information systems
  • Customizing products to meet the needs of diverse clients




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